Customized Fat Loss Review

Weight loss is an issue that faces millions around the globe. This is why there is a lot of content – articles and programs that purport to be ‘perfect’ weight loss systems. However, these programs assume the ‘one size fit all’ approach and as such do not address specific challenge faced by different people.

It is true that one person can find a weight loss program effective and the next person finds it a flop. This may be due to the fact that the weight loss tools and/or exercise regime applies to the former but not to the latter. Obviously the ‘one size fit all’ approach cannot devise an ideal weight loss program for everyone because it leaves out important aspects such age, gender, weight, height and so on.

Customized Fat Loss

What Is The Product?

Custom Fat Loss is a system with a difference. It seeks to customize the weight loss program to each individual. It achieves this by taking into account factors such as body type, age, gender, weight and height when designing the appropriate weight loss system for a particular individual.

After you feed the system with your details it tailors the weight loss program to your needs you get a specific diet and exercise regime. Because it entails deeper factors of weight loss and targets your problem zones it has a higher probability of success.

What Is Included In The Program?

The Custom Fat Loss program is a wholesome package that includes all the resources to guide you through your weight loss process. The package includes:

  • Software – this is the core of the program. After taking all your input the software devises the most ideal diet and exercise regime. Each person gets a custom weight loss program as it works with the data you input to develop the programs.
  • Quick Start Guide – this guide is meant to bring you up to speed with how to use the software to design your weight loss program.
  • Customized Fat Loss Guide – this is an eight page booklet that delves into the workings of the weight loss programs. It goes into the different body types – six body types and how to identify where you fall.
  • Somatotyping Guide – Still on the body types this guide delves deeper into each giving more details. It will help you understand your body and how to identify under which category your body is categorized.
  • How To Lose Your First 10 Pounds Guide – the weight loss regime prescribed by the Customized Weigh Loss system is strict and not easily adaptable. This guide is designed to ease the transition into the Customized Fat Loss program. It contains a light diet guide that you should adopt prior to transitioning into the more strict diets prescribed by the Customized Fat Loss program.
  • Customized Fat Loss Training Guide – there are two sets of this guide – one for men and the other for women. The guide walks you through the process of creating the most appropriate exercise regime based on your body type, age, weight and other factors.
  • Customized Fat Loss Supplementation Guide – This is an add-on guide that covers the recommended supplements that work with the program.
  • Customized Fat Loss Stack – This yet another add-on targeted at people who are interested in burning excessive fat from their bodies.
  • Peak in a Week – This guide gives tips on how you can improve your body in a week. It’s important if you have an important event to attend and have a very short time to prepare for it.
  • Secrets to Eating Out Guide – some people dedicated to a weight loss program but throw off caution when they are eating out. This guide is intended for such people to help you eat out yet not erode the progress of your weight loss program.
  • 11 Foods to Never Eat Guide – Plain simple, if you are to shed off the excessive weight you should not indulge in certain foods. This guides list 11 of those foods that you should steer clear off.
  • Exercise Demonstration Videos – The Customized Fat Loss program prescribes exercise. These videos are instrumental in demonstrating how to safely and efficiently execute these exercises.


How Does It Work?

After you have downloaded the entire package – the software and the guides you are good to go. Make sure you go through the guides as they will give you insight as to how the program works. To get started simply feed your data on to the software and it will process it to give you the perfect diet and exercise program.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For The Product?

The Customized Fat Loss program is ideal for everyone except if you have been advised against it by your physician with clear reasons as to why you should not use the program. It appeals to all because it devises customized weight loss programs diets and exercise, according to the data you feed into the system.

List of Pros and Cons

The Customized Fat Loss program is well designed and as such has numerous benefits. The most outstanding advantages of the program include:

  • Inclusion of extensive data and thus a better weight loss program
  • Tailored diets
  • Tailored exercise regime
  • Easy to read guides
  • Easy to follow video demonstration

The same system though in not 100% perfect it has some minor flaws there are not flaws as such but areas that can use some improvement.

These include:

  • A complicated download procedure. The process can be simplified and refined for easier access to all the resources and instructions.
  • The software needs tweaking. For instance the list of food is not exhaustive. Although it may be impossible to include all foods in the world it should have a provision to add foods and their nutritional value if it is missing from the default list.

Does The Product Work?

Looking at other reviews the product has worked for many. There are a few negative reviews but this expected for any product some people tend to hate on everything good.



This is a well thought of weight loss program that deviates from the ‘one size fit all design’ paradigm. This alone gives it a high probability of higher success rates among its users. In addition it combines dieting and exercises to form the perfect and customized weight loss program.

Definitely this is a product worth your time and money. Do not worry if you buy it and think otherwise, there is a money-back guarantee.

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