How To Choose The Best Moroccan Argan Oil For Hair, Face & Skin

ao2For centuries, women have relied on pure argan oil for all their beauty needs. Originating in Morocco, this nutrient, vitamin rich oil has been renowned since ancient times for its hydration, moisturizing, protective and anti aging benefits. It is rumored that in ancient times, only the most respected members of the king’s royal concubine could use argan oil.

Made from the nut of the argan tree, this oil is rare, difficult to produce and requires hands on labor that cannot be mechanized. To get argan oil, the nut from the argan tree must be harvested, dried and cracked open. Once the dried nut is open, the oil rich kernels inside must be extracted by hand after all the flesh has been removed from the hull of the nut. There are usually only between one and three kernels in each nut, so harvesting enough kernels to make oil is very labor intensive.

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Once the kernels are harvested, they can be pressed to extract the precious, nutrient rich oil so many people rely on for all their hair and skin beauty needs. Each kernel yields only between 30 and 50% of the oil it contains depending on which type of pressing process is used, so thousands of nuts and kernels are needed to get just an ounce of oil.

Obviously, the intense labor involved makes argan oil a precious commodity. Spending hours to extract just a small amount of oil is a true testament to the value people place on this oil. In recent years, Moroccan argan oil has taken the beauty industry by storm.

When a beauty industry insider took a trip to Morocco and saw how beautiful the hair and skin of women who lived there was and discovered pure argan oil was behind their beauty, the secret was out. Understanding there would be worldwide market for this oil, the cosmetic industry insider brought some of the oil home and decided to find a way to mass market this beauty secret.

Now that argan oil benefits are known around the globe, there are many brands and formulations to choose from. From high end, very expensive oils and blends to discount shampoos, lotions and oils, there seems to be no end to the products touting Moroccan oil as the star ingredient.

With all the brand choices, price points and products featuring argan oil, it can be difficult to know which ones are hype and which ones deliver the beauty benefits for which argan oil is known. To get the argan oil benefits you want, it pays to do a little research and learn how to choose the best argan oil for hair, face and skin. All products are not created equally, and since cosmetics are very loosely regulated, the buyer often has to beware.

aoWhen shopping for an argan oil for face, it is important to find an oil that is pure. Many manufacturer’s will dilute argan oil with less expensive oils to increase their profits. Unfortunately for consumers, these lesser quality oils can clog pores, cause break out, leave skin excessively oily and do not deliver the hydration, anti aging and cosmetic benefits of argan oil. Argan oil is extremely light weight and quickly absorbs into the skin leaving behind no oily residue. Argan oil is also non comodegenic, so it will not clog pores and cause acne or break outs.

When shopping for argan oil for face, look for an oil that has no added oils and lists argan oil as the first ingredient. Look for oils designed to be used on the face. Facial oils are often free from fragrances and other additives that can cause irritation or sensitivity, feel heavy or clog pores. Many facial oils are designed to be light enough to wear under make up and they deliver powerful antioxidants, nutrients and hydration to skin that can help it look and feel younger.

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When looking for argan oil for hair, look for a formulation that is light weight and easy to use. Many argan oils for hair come in handy spray bottles so you can apply the oil easily to your hair without over saturating it. Argan oils that come in bottles or pumps are often good choices, too, you just want to be sure to use a very little amount to avoid making your hair look and feel greasy. While argan oil absorbs readily into hair and skin, using too much can produce an oily look most consumers want to avoid.

Additionally, using too much oil will simply deplete your supply since more is not better and the hair will only absorb what it needs to be healthy. Argan oils are terrific heat protectants and using the oil before you flat iron or heat style your hair can go a long way in preventing split ends and damage. Argan oil can help calm frizz and keep hair smooth in humidity. Look for oils made for use in the hair and for formulations that have a smell you like and packaging that is easy to use.

Unlike argan oils for facial use, added fragrances and moisturizers for products used in the hair will not have ill side effects and may enhance the effectiveness of the argan oil and it’s ability to protect the hair from heat, humidity and frizz. If you have a regualr cosmetologist, you can get a great recommendation for argan oil for the hair from them. Their expert opinion and experience using the oil can help you find the perfect oil and formulation for your hair.

Another smart way to choose the best argan oil for your hair, skin and face is to do an internet search for reviews on products you are interested in trying. Reading the experiences of others can be a huge benefit to you and help you avoid oils that will not meet your needs and pick ones that will.

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Allowing other consumer’s reviews to help you weed out oils that do not appeal to you because of a heavy feel, heavy scent, or other characteristic you want to avoid can make the shopping process much more streamlined and a lot less confusing.

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