Old School New Body Review

Old age and weight gain are some of the modern debates that raise concerns among many people. Although aging is inevitable, most people will agree that it is can be a painful process seeing their once beautiful energetic body depreciate and lose shape.

Usually when one hits forty years, their muscle development becomes highly retarded and fat accumulation increases. This loss of muscles and fat gain result in weight problems, reduced power and brain function. It also causes deformation of youthful shape, development of wrinkles and heightened aging.

Old School New Body

The aging process often starts at a steady rate and then increases rapidly such that one may look older than their actual age. It is however possible to reduce this rate to a level where one ages slower than they should resulting in a look younger than their chronological age.

Old school new body products are the latest anti-aging remedies that also help in weight loss. These old school new body reviews include what the product entails, how it works, misconceptions, benefits and concerns.

The Program

Old school new body programs basically refer to a comprehensive plan that includes dieting, exercise and psychology harmonized to reduce cellular aging. Unlike other programs, this one does not require the bloated anti-aging supplements and drugs. It only needs total determination to follow exercises and eating researched healthy diets.

This is the first program that achieves both slowed aging and reduced weight making it revolutionary. It is suitable for people of all ages, including those in their twenties. The plan is accomplished in three main phases. Each phase is complete with set objectives that must be achieved before moving on to the next. They entail various activities put together to reduce unnecessary body fat, develop muscles and regain shape.

The Misconceptions

There are a few misconceptions that have led to weight loss problems and consequential conditions caused by using wrong plans. Many people immediately associate fat and cholesterol with adverse negative impacts and the general resort is trying to eliminate them as much as possible. This is however very risky considering almost all the vital hormones are produced using the aid of cholesterol and body fat.

Fats help the body to regenerate its power hormones like testosterone which is actually a product of dietary cholesterol and fat intake. Fat do not necessarily result in unpleasant weight if well managed. Of course excessive fat mass with smaller muscles is very risky. People drained of sufficient fat in the body will appear weak and are prone to sickness. It is therefore important not to burn all the cholesterol and fat, but rather regulate them.

How it works

This old school new body product or program is meant for weight loss, toning, fitness and nutrition. It is guided by five basic principles and a fitness protocol (F4X) accomplished in three phases.

The program emphasizes on short and intense sessions of highly involving old fashioned exercises that produce better results than long sessions typical of modern gyms. Apparently, training long hours result in the release of free radicals in the body and these radicals utilize our essential vitamins ironically leading to heightened aging.


The Phases

The phases entailed in old school new body program are based on a fundamental F4X protocol developed by over 35 fitness trainers. These include physical activities aimed at reducing unnecessary fat, regaining shape and building muscles. They include;

  • F4X Lean – This is meant for those who need to burn significant amount of pounds (up to 100). It basically combines a few intensity intervals of professionally tailored training and persistently followed diet until the goals have been achieved.
  • F4X Shape – This phase is mainly designed to aid muscle development and regaining of shape. The accumulation of excess fat and loss of muscles usually result in exterior anatomical changes. F4X shape simply brings back the younger and more appealing shape and size.
  • F4X Building – At this stage, you are simply looking to build bigger visible muscles that will last long and improve shape. This is the final step and may take a longer time to fully achieve. You will also be able to learn certain effective exercises that can be practiced alone without the need for supervision or expensive gymnasium tools.

Drinking water is a paramount procedure listed in every fitness programs and there are no exceptions in old school new body reviews. Water reduces hunger and dilutes toxins. It also enhances liver and kidney functions. When the kidney is overburdened due to insufficient water to eliminate toxins, the liver takes over and helps out to achieve this very essential process.

Since liver is the chief fat burner, its involvement in other activities promotes fat accumulation and deposition. It is therefore mandatory to ensure you drink sufficient amount of water everyday to maintain healthy and normal body functions.

It is also important to stop blaming your age for all pain and aches or unpleasant fat gains. There exist people in their early twenties with serious weight and fat issues not caused by aging, but habitual over consumption and bad diet habits.

Pros and cons

Continuous research and studies are very important to ensure improvement and enhancement is ongoing for any product in the market. It is from pros and cons that benefits are enhanced and disadvantages eliminated to create more efficient products. There are numerous advantages of using the old school new body but it also has various concerns as follows;


  • Can be used for people cutting across all ages
  • Extensively researched and proven anti-aging program
  • Simple to understand follow and accomplish
  • Provides instant results


  • Instant results do not necessarily mean immediately and users must be patient as it will take some time
  • Achieving desirable results requires ultimate determination and persistence.



The old school new body product is very effective in slowing down the aging process and also helps in healthy weight loss. Although it can be used by anyone, people above 35 and those with excessive body fats are more suitable candidates.

This program will result in complete transformation and requires dedication to the activities. One will also have to remain conscious about their diet composition and other habits like drinking and/or smoking.

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